WHO are we?

Echo101-Plus is an Electronic eBike Enhancement provider.

Our Installation Specialists supply, install, upgrade, and maintain software and hardware conversions designed and manufactured by Eplus Italy established in 2015.

These enhancements unlock the true potential of your eBike. More speed, more power, more fun with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Eplus enhancement by Echo101-Plus

WHAT does it do?

Unlock Your eBike’s True Potential with Eplus Standard and Eplus Racing Pro Upgrades.

Eplus is a smart electronic eBike controller available for an assortment of motors and with different functions, allowing a variety of changes to the factory settings. These include de-restriction of the standard 25Km/h speed setting to 32Km/h, 50Km/h or 75Km/h.

HOW does it work?

For several motors, the Eplus Chip system provides for the installation of an electronic device.

The unlocked chip allows for continuous monitoring of the eBike’s performance output and reading data from the motor in real-time, returning it to the dashboard, and for versions with apps, even on the rider’s smartphone.

The Eplus app, available for Android and iOS, offers advanced features such as recording and sharing of routes, activation of a deterrent against theft, speed unlocking dedicated to competition.


For Shimano, Bafang, Brose, Fazua, and Yamaha motors, Eplus Flash software is available that allows changes to the factory settings etc, as above but directly from a PC without any hardware installation.


Is unlocking my eBike legal?

Yes, it is completely legal to unlock eBikes. However once unlocked it is only legal to ride at speeds faster than 25kph on private property or closed-course racing events where allowed.

Will unlocking my eBike use more battery?

Battery usage will depend on how you are using your eBike. It can be better or worse than standard, depending on the mode used. For example, the Pro upgrade for Shimano steps e8000 allows you to reduce the power in Eco mode which extends battery life. For other unlocks, similar battery consumption will be experienced.

Can I return my eBike to its original settings after it has been unlocked?

Yes, all Eplus Software and Hardware upgrades are easily reversible by our installation specialists.

Will unlocking my eBike damage the motor?

With an Eplus unlock installation, there is no additional strain on the motor and therefore cannot damage the motor.

Will my eBike Chain and Cassette wear more quickly than on a Conventional eBike?

This is determined by your power output and associated motors assistance, the mode you use, the terrain and weather conditions you ride in. These variables will all affect the wear and tear of your cassette and chain.

Due to the extra power generated by the motor, eBikes experience slightly accelerated wear and tear when compared to conventional bikes. It is always best to regularly service your eBike and routinely ask your local bike shop to inspect the wear and tear on your cassette and chain. By replacing your chain regularly, your cassette and chainring will last a lot longer.


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You can also view the Echo101-Plus Product Guide online which indicates the preferred product option for your motor and brand of eBike.

As soon as you have made your choice, fill in the required information, accept the waiver, add to cart, and proceed to payments.

A Specialist Installer will contact you to arrange a suitable installation date.


Hi David,

A big thank you for unlocking my Specialized Turbo Levo. I am having so much fun, it is the best thing I have ever done. If any of your customers want to phone me, they are most welcome.

– Dave Hallas

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