The electric-assist bikes (eBikes) category is now the fastest-growing bicycle category in most countries, including South Africa. With the growing popularity of eBikes, discerning South Africans are looking at maximising their investment. Our mission at Echo101-Plus is to help our customers unlock the potential of their eBikes to create more memorable experiences.

There are a number of reasons people buy an eBike. At Echo101-Plus, we are eBike riders ourselves, so understand these reasons and share your vision for improved mobility, pace or distance to help you achieve your eBike objectives with less effort and greater reward. At Echo101-Plus, we make use of safe, proven world-leading technology to ensure you can ride further, faster and longer, with peace of mind.

Our team of eBike-enhancing experts is led by David Maree, one of South Africa’s most accomplished road and track cyclists. As a world-class bicycle racer, David’s understanding for the need to boost an eBike was first discovered when he wanted to share long training rides with his wife, a recreational cyclist.

Spending hours apart wasn’t an option, so the solution was a de-limited eBike for his wife, so that they could turn David’s long rides into shared experiences. David is backed up by a local and international network of trusted eBike-enhancing specialists, who offer safe, efficient, professional service.