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Code Product Motor Retail Price Type Preferred
AM80UN AM80 Atala Racing Speed Chip – Lite Atala R5,936.91 Chip Yes
BFNG-FLS-1 Bafang Firmware Modification Bafang R4,277.75 Firmware Yes
BSC-AD Bosch – Advanced Tuning Chip Bosch R6,030.65 Chip Yes
BSC-UN Bosch – Speed Unlocker Chip Bosch R4,499.55 Chip Yes
BROSE-FLS-1 Brose Firmware Modification Brose R4,277.75 Firmware
BROSE-LI Brose Lite Chip Brose R6,030.65 Chip Yes
BROSE-UN Brose Racing Speed Unlocker Chip Brose R4,937.01 Chip Yes
SPECLZ-FLS-1 Specialized Brose Firmware Modification Brose R5,347.19 Firmware
SPEC-LI Specialized Brose Lite Chip Brose R7,592.99 Chip Yes
SPEC-UN Specialized Brose Speed Unlocker Chip Brose R4,937.01 Chip Yes
MINI-B-USB-CABLE Fazua Firmware Modification Fazua R5,988.86 Firmware Yes
ROCK1 Rocky Mountain Lite Chip Rocky Mountain R5,936.91 Chip
ROCK-FLA Rocky Mountain Power Boost Modification Rocky Mountain R5,560.35 Firmware Yes
EWS-D300 Shimano Firmware EP8 Modification – 35 Km/h Shimano R3,560.00 Firmware Yes
EW-AD305 Shimano Firmware EP8 Modification – 60 Km/h Shimano R4,750.00 Firmware Yes
SM-PCE3 Shimano Firmware Modification – 32 Km/h Shimano R2,749.00 Firmware Yes
SM-PCE1-2 Shimano Firmware Modification – 50 Km/h Shimano R3,422.20 Firmware Yes
SM-PCE1 Shimano Full Firmware Modification Shimano R6,416.63 Firmware Yes
SHI-LITE Shimano Steps Lite Chip Shimano R6,218.13 Chip
GIANT-FLS-1 Giant Yamaha Firmware Modification Yamaha R4,277.75 Firmware Yes
GIANT1 Giant Yamaha Speed Unlocker Chip Yamaha R5,936.91 Chip
YAM-PW-U Yamaha PW Racing Chip Yamaha R3,468.40 Chip
YAM-PWXU Yamaha PW- X/TE/SE/ST Chip Yamaha R5,155.73 Chip Yes
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