Shimano Steps Lite Chip

R7,150.85 inc. VAT

Speed Unlocker functionality is obtained with in-app purchasing for € 0.99 and can be activated by the app or by pressing a button on the dashboard.

Available only in the Lite version, which includes the installation of the Eplus control unit in the motor crankcase and the use of the Eplus app via wireless. The kit includes wiring with original connectors: for installation, it is not necessary to cut or tamper with existing cables and restoring of the original setup is possible.

  • To activate the unlock function, turn on the lights (if the button is not active, you must enable it using the Shimano E-Tube app).
  • When the lights are on, it will be possible to enable / disable the speed unlock feature also from the Eplus app
  • It is Completely invisible
  • Once Eplus is installed and activated, the app will show the correct speed and mileage.



Speed, average speed, maximum speed, total and partially run kilometres.


Track GPX import and export, map visualization in different formats also offline, and sharing on social media.


Deterrent against theft: By typing a code on your smartphone you can lock or unlock the engine.


It enables / disables the speed limiter at 25 km / h.

R7,150.85 inc. VAT


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