Bosch – Advanced Tuning Chip

R6,600.00 inc. VAT

The Advanced kit consists of the chip, to be installed in the engine crankcase, and the app that allows you to change the mappings and settings.
In addition to unlocking the speed, the system allows the application to customize your riding style, based on the type of route and experience. The cyclist can customize both the speed and the style of power delivery according to their own individual Preference. Eplus offers different mappings from which users can choose: Eco, Urban, Touring, Enduro, Trail and Race.

By Contacting one of our Echo101-Plus specialists, in addition to the mappings already present, it will be possible to create up to a maximum of 6 “ad hoc” mappings for the maximum riding style and experience customization.

Our Echo101-Plus specialist can also modify the speed ranges to which the cursors refer.


  • All data on your display will be shown correctly (current speed, average and maximum-speed, distance etc.) even if the tuning is activated
  • Automated Auto diagnostics function
  • Automatic calibration of wheel circumference
  • Possibility to set four different methods to activate the unlocker mode
  • Without disassembling the chip, you have the possibility to recognize which software version is installed. This is very useful in case of remote assistance.
  • The described functions above are available for all end users
R6,600.00 inc. VAT


Speed Unlock

Activates/deactivates the speed limiter at 25 km / h. To be used on a closed circuit only.

Full Speed

Allows you to configure the maximum custom speed, choosing from a range of preset values. Functionality available with speed unlock on.

Theft Protection

Anti-theft system: the engine can be locked/unlocked. By pressing the “LOCK” button the engine does not work and, in the event of theft, the bike does not provide any assistance.

Complete Tuning

These cursors allow you to change the engine assistance correction factor based on speed. The Reseller can also modify the speed ranges to which the cursors refer.

Mapping Customization

The MYMAP buttons allow complete customization of the mapping, automatically memorizing the last configuration of the cursors. The original mappings set the default values ​​of the engine.

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