Bosch – Speed Unlocker Chip

R5,499.99 inc. VAT

This device is designed for e-bikes in order to remove the speed restrictor of the engine set at 25 Km/h and consequently to maintain the assistance up to 50 Km/h, fully exploiting the performance that the engine can provide. Installation is done without opening the engine, without the help of a power supply, nor the unsealing of any original parts; Additionally it is totally invisible as it is housed inside the motor casing.

Equipped with sealed connectors, the unlocking of the engine from 25 km/h is activated and set with the computerised-on board controller. The speedometer will always show the correct speed.

You can activate / deactivate the unlocker using the walk button that is the factory setting; you can change this choice using lights or the reset button.


  • All data on your display will be shown correctly (current speed, average and maximum-speed, distance etc.) even if the tuning is activated
  • Autodiagnosis led
  • Automatic calibration wheel circumference
  • Possibility to set four different methods to activate the unlocker mode
  • Without disassembling the chip you have the possibility to recognize which software version is installed. Very useful in case of remote assistance.
  • Described functions are available for you and also end users!
R5,499.99 inc. VAT


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