Shimano EP8 Race Modification

R5,999.00 inc. VAT

What it is

Software developed by Eplus that enables your Echo101-Plus specialist, to customize the factory parameters of your ebike without the need to install hardware in the motor casing and is completely non-invasive.

How it works

To carry out the modifications it is necessary to use the EWS-D300 or EW-AD305 device and use the Flash software, also compatible with the latest version of E-Tube.

With our customised system it is possible to upgrade Ebikes in total autonomy and at any time with direct support online from Italy.

Once modifications have been made, and if other modifications are requested, the program will recognize the engine number and the following modifications will be free, or an additional fee will be requested, depending on the additional modifications required

R5,999.00 inc. VAT


This Shimano EP8 Race modification includes the speed unlock up to 60 Km/h and increases the power curve by 30%, allowing a significant boost to motor performance. The eBike is more reactive and offers more performance under stress.

Although the torque is not changed, the sensation, however, is an increase of about 10Nn which is noticeable above all uphill.



Speed unlock up to 60Km/h.


A boost to motor performance with an increase of 30% to the power curve. The torque is not changed, however on sensation, the eBike is more reactive and offers more performance under stress such as hill climbs.

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