Shimano Full Firmware Modification

R5,199.99 inc. VAT

What it is

Software developed by Eplus that enables your Echo101-Plus specialist, to customize the factory parameters of your ebike without the need to install hardware in the motor casing and is completely non-invasive.

How it works

To carry out the modifications it is necessary to use a SM-PCE1 or SM-PCE2 device that allows communication with the ebike.

With our customised system it is possible to upgrade ebikes in total autonomy and at any time with direct support online from Italy. This is done with Flash software, also compatible with the latest version of E-Tube.

Once modifications have been made, and if other modifications are requested, the program will recognize the engine number and the following modifications will be free, or an additional fee will be requested, depending on the additional modifications required

R5,199.99 inc. VAT


This is the Shimano full modification and includes the complete unlocking with mappings and the mobile App.



For Shimano ebike engines it is possible to modify the speed parameter * and perform engine power remapping. The speed and all data will be calculated and displayed correctly.


Eplus offers the total customization of all the ECO parameters for ebikes with the Shimano Steps engine. Unlike the E-Tube, which allows to lower the ECO with fixed parameters, Eplus allows to freely choose the values, ​​for maximum customization.


It enables the ability to increase the values of the mappings going beyond the limits imposed by e-tube (e.g. 300% of pedal assistance, 70 nm of torque, 500 watts of engine power), without changing the speed.


It allows the unlocking of the speed and the power tuning, and for the setting of the pedal assistance. Also, for the torque at the wheel and of the engine power for each single mode of use, thus allowing you to customize your riding experience to the maximum level. By activating the “Race” mode, the end customer can download the Tutor app for Android and iOS free of charge to modify the mapping directly. To change the speed from the app you need an in-app purchase for € 0.99 (only on E8000 engines)

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